Reward Points Program

We are very pleased to present our new Reward Points Program for our best customers. This program will allow you to earn credits which may be used to help pay for future purchases.

The following is an overview of this terrific program created for you and some additional information on Registration and Wish List usage. Reward Points Details: Every time you place an order you will earn Reward Points that can be used for your next purchase or can be accumulated and used all at one time. The amount you earn is based on the “Item Total” of your order. The following is a summary of what you will earn:
Order Amount Reward Points Earned For Example
$60-$149.99 2% of the order sub total Spend $100 and get $2 reward
$150-$249.99 4% of the order sub total Spend $200 and get $8 reward
$250+ 6% of the order sub total Spend $300 and get $18 reward
  • The next time you place an order you will be given the option to pay for all or part of your order with the previously earned Reward Points. Of course, you will earn Reward Points for this new order as well. These new earnings can be used on your third order.
  • Please note that you must “Register” (this is done only once) and “Sign-In” each time to earn or use Reward Points.

Reward Points Conditions of Use

  • Reward Points are only available to registered account holders.
  • Reward points can only be collected and used with online purchases and are only validated at
  • Points are non-refundable and can’t be transferred between member’s or accounts.
  • Reward Points are non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
  • Reward Points will be revoked for any canceled order. If you place an order and the order has been completed and you canceled the order, you will NOT receive points associated on the canceled order.
  • Any returned items that points have been accumulated will be revoked
  • When buying with Points, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Reward Points Account to cover the cost of your purchase.
  • When calculating the amount of points earned shipping fees and taxes are excluded.

Customer Registration: If you sign in every time you visit the site you will be able to do several things including:

  • Manage your Wish List.
  • View Previous Orders.
  • Continue with a shopping cart that you started in a previous session.
  • Earn Reward Points. Reward Points

Q. Will I earn Reward Points if I place my order over the phone?
A. No, you only have to register once. However, every time you return to the site you should Sign In. Unless you are “Signed In” you will not receive the benefits of Registration such as earning Reward Points.

Q. Can I save my Reward Points from several purchases for a special future purchase?
A. Yes you can use or save your Reward Points.

Q. Do the Reward Points expire?
A. They do not expire.