What’s Your Sexiest Body Part and How Can Erotic Lingerie Enhance It?

Pinkvibe sexy lingerie has surpassed the time where it needed to introduce lingerie to women so they’d know how important it is to them. Right now, sexy lingerie trends are unstoppable and more and more women become addicted to knowing the types of lingerie and of course, which fits them the best.

For all those who love to go shopping for pinkvibe adult lingerie, you are also sure to fall in love with different designs and styles of these sexy clothing. Now, if you love your lingerie then you need to know how and what to accentuate when choosing your lingerie. Of course, you already look good with your lingerie but wouldn’t you want to be better looking and of course much more irresistible to the eyes of your man? If so, allow yourself to tease him and exactly know the best part or rather the sexiest part of your body and then accentuate it using these pinkvibe sex lingerie. From there, let him see how alluring and sexy you are.

Neck & Collar Bone

A lady’s neck and collarbone is sexy and men just love to see you wearing clothes that actually accentuate that soft neck of yours, so if you know you have perfectly smooth and sexy neck plus the fact that your collarbone is just as perfect – then what are you waiting for? Go for pinkvibe adult lingerie that will enhance those assets. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing it while sleeping, in fact that is the best time for him to appreciate just how lucky he is to have a woman that is sexy.

Choose the style of the lingerie that will draw attention to your collar bone and your neck and the color should also enhance your skin tone. It will be perfect and you’d love to see his reaction as you feel more confident and sexy.


If you are naturally well-endowed and you know you have a cleavage that will send your man really excited – then flaunt it. Choose the best pinkvibe erotic lingerie so that your twins would be comfortably showing. It’s very important that your breasts are supported and aside from that, you will also have that perfect cleavage. Right now, babydolls are the best ones to be chosen if you want to highlight your breasts and you are sure to provide your man with a view that he will love to caress.

Belly Button

We all know this one; we’ve seen clothes allowing our belly button to show. It’s sexy and some may not think that it is not but as we have different points of view when it comes to beauty, most of us think so. That’s the reason why many people opt to having tattoos and body piercings on this area. You can glam it up with jewelry or choose the best lingerie to enhance the beauty of your belly. If this is the sexiest part of your body then you need to choose pinkvibe sexy lingerie that will exactly show the beauty of your sexy belly button.


Legs – who doesn’t know this sexy body part? Women obsess with how they take care of their legs because it’s really one of the parts of a woman that will always be seen and having sexy legs is really important. So aside from all those sexy pantyhose and stockings, you can also find an pinkvibe adult lingerie that will accentuate and will show that you have long, smooth and sexy legs.


One of the parts that is very important to us, having sexy butt can make a huge difference on how you look on clothes and not just with lingerie. If you have a sexy butt, then you can wear jeans, pants, dresses and every type of lingerie and look really really good and of course sexy! There are lingerie sets that come with a sexy thong and this would go perfectly with your sexy behind. Your man would stare at it for a long time and he won’t go anywhere without showing some love.


One of the fetishes that we are most familiar of, if your feet is the sexiest part of your body then be proud of it. There are so many people who would love to have gorgeous pair of feet. There are shoes that would go perfect for that and don’t forget a sexy pair of pinkvibe sexy lingerie that would go well with your sexy feet.

For all those adult lingerie lovers, it’s important to continue learning how to maximize the use of your beloved lingerie and aside from that you get to discover yourself too – in ways like finding out the sexiest parts of your body. Truly, one of the most advisable and important way for you to be feel sexy and confident.