Titillating Teacher

I have spent this whole summer in California at my uncle’s house, they had to work and asked me if I could come over to take care of my twelve year old little cousin. I had to do it from Monday to Friday, I was going to get paid, I was going to spend time with Gemma and I was going to be able to surf for the whole summer! I couldn´t decline the offer and off I went.

I arrived at the start of summer when Gemma had just finished school, although one of my jobs was going to be to take her every day to school for tutoring summer classes in the morning. My uncle traveled the whole week and wouldn´t come back until Friday and my aunt worked the whole day and returned at nighttime. I was in charge of Gemma the whole day and I had to make sure she did her homework and all that stuff, I thought it would be fun to have a different summer for a change.

The next Monday routine started, I woke up at 7 am and got breakfast ready for me and my aunt, when she left I went to wake up Gemma. I got her dressed and went down to prepare her breakfast. While she had breakfast I got changed and when we were done we walked to school. By the time we arrived it was already 9am which was the time her first class started. We ran through the corridors looking for the class but we couldn´t find it. In my mind I was thinking… “what a good first day, you are arriving late and all sweaty…”. We passed a class door where there was a man sitting at the teachers table, I stop and knocked on the open door to call his attention. He stopped writing and looked to me, I said, “Hi, sorry to bother you, we are looking for the tutorial classes for Gemma, we can´t find the classroom”. He stood up and said, “No worries, I´ll come with you”, “Thank you”, said Gemma. I smiled in appreciation.

We arrived to a closed door with a class that had already started, the man knocked the door, said something to the teacher and told Gemma to come in. “Bye Lucy”, Gemma waved at me.
The man closed the door and looked at me, held his had out and said, “Im Josh, I am the History teacher, nice to meet you Lucy”. I blushed and held my hand for us to shake. ” I gotta go, I´ll be back in two hours to pick up Gemma”, I told him. ” I don´t want to sound indiscreet but… it wouldn´t be bad at all if you came earlier and visited me in the classroom you found me…think about it”, he turned with a wicked smile on his face.

I went back home and while washing the plates I thought about Josh and how naughty it would be to appear with a naughty schoolgirl costume… I had brought some of my lingerie and naughty costumes over, I never travel without sexy attire and more over, I was going to spend the whole summer here and of course I wanted new experiences!

Getting dressed as naughty schoolgirls has always been a fantasy of many women and I want to confess… It was one of mine too! I had brought a very sexy naughty schoolgirl costume I bought from pinkvibe.com thinking it would take me some days until I used it but seemed the perfect occasion to use it for the first time that day.
I finished the washing and went to my bedroom to get changed into the red, two piece, naughty, schoolgirl garter set. I put my hair into two side plats and my secretary glasses… this was going to be veeery interesting…

I arrived to the school one hour before Gemma finished her class. I went quickly through the corridors until I arrived to the classroom where Josh was waiting for me. My heart was pounding and my hunger was getting bigger and bigger. He was sitting at his table as before, I entered and closed the door behind me. I let my coat fall to the floor and all my naughty schoolgirl costume was visible for him to see. I could see by the look in his face he wasn´t expecting that at all and I liked it, I lov to feel I have control of the situation… I sat in a pupil´s chair in front of his table with my legs wide open… I look at him horny while fiddling with one of my plats… “I have been a very naughty girl, I think I have to get punished…”, I said. He laid back in his chair and bit his lips, then he opened his mouth and said, “take your bottoms of and touch for me”. I stood up and turned around, I bent over and started taking my bottoms off slowly. I wanted him to see my wet sex from behind, I wanted him to fuck me hard on his desk… I took it off and sat back on the chair and pulled my legs up wide open. I started massaging my clit with one hand while with the other I pulled my bra up so he could see my breasts… He opened his pants, took his dick out and ordered, ” Come and do that same thing on top of my table so I can see closer…”

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