Tips on How to Wear Sexy Lingerie

I’m not teaching you how to wear sexy lingerie, who doesn’t know how to wear sexy lingerie? I’m here to give you some tips on how to wear sexy lingerie.

Wear Sexy Lingerie Tips

1. Change your lingerie and change it often.  

The sexiness of lingerie lies in the initial surprise. Since your sexy lingerie has an audience, you should remember that nobody like eating the same food every day. If you continue to wear the same sexy lingerie, the mystery factor vanishes and eventually your partner will cease to be amazed with your sexy appearance. So, change your lingerie and change it often. It’s a good way for having a healthy life in sex and keeping our interest on.

Vary your lingerie wardrobe with several different colors and materials like leather, lace, feathers, and silk. Switch up the outfit every time to keep it fresh. Try different hairstyles and makeup combinations to compliment your sexy look.

2. Wear lingerie for dresses.

Want to get attention? So easy! Finding the right lingerie match for your dress, it’s not difficult. There are many eye-catching ingredients, colored or lace, mesh or bling, printed or satin, all full of feminine.

3. Guys, you need to know how to wear sexy lingerie too!

This lingerie tip is for men. I suggest you try some novelty men’s underwear. You’ll find your woman, when she discovers you are wearing a men’s thong, she is turned on by it, even if she is initially surprised, she soon warm up to the idea. Men’s thongs are hot on you!

“I have even started to wear men’s thong swimsuits on the beach, and YES the women seem interested! They come up and talk to me, and some times ask to have their picture taken with me. I’m not some hansom dude with a perfect workout body, and if I was not in a thong they probably would have ignored me.” A guy told me this.

Sexy lingerie can be quite important in a relationship since it makes the woman feel more feminine and men feel hotter, it can also wake a man’s interest, adding a little bit of spice to the moment.

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