Rock The Boat

I had to do a long journey by boat, the whole trip was going to last 36 hours and I was going to be traveling on my own. I had bought a ticket for a private cabin with bathroom, as it was such a long journey I wanted a bed to rest, a bath to shower and of course a plug where I could have my computer with me switched on the time I wanted! Thank god the boat had internet connection and I was going to be able to entertain myself so many long hours.

The day arrived and I was waiting at the port to board. After 10 minutes the stairs were put down and the line started moving up. I took me another 20 minutes to reach the top of the stairs, I was greeted by two sexy blondies. I headed straight to the reception, I wanted to get to the cabin as quickly as possible to drop all my luggage and then head to the buffet to get something to eat before it got packed.

Mission accomplished! I had bought a couple of sandwiches and two large bottles of water. When I was heading to the top floor I crossed a guy that looked very sexy and mysterious. He was wearing a beanie hat, baggie jeans and white t shirt, I would risk to say he had green eyes… I looked back and our glances met, I turned around quickly blushing because I had got caught and headed back to the cabin. It was nearly nighttime and wanted to lie on bed with a sandwich and my computer for a while.

Seeing this sexy in the boat made me automatically open my laptop to my favorite erotic lingerie shop, I always do this, every time I see a hottie, I check on hustler erotic shop for what piece of lingerie I would wear to seduce that person. It may sound strange but in fact is very pleasuring … I love imagining erotic situations and then turn them into reality.

So I checked the big selection of erotic lingerie, sex toy, sexy stockings… and wondered what would he like… hmmm, I would definitely wear the sexy red satin bustier, what a pity I didn´t have it with me! All of my lingerie I have bought from hustler erotic lingerie shop but I had sent nearly all of my clothes by post so I had to travel with the least weight I could. But a woman is a woman, we are widely known for having everything under control, and I wouldn´t be traveling without a single piece of sexy and erotic lingerie. You never know what can happen! I searched in my bag for one of my dailies, the red, love to hustle, two piece mesh and straps bikini set.

I went to the bathroom and took my thong off and put my shorts on top without underwear. I then changed my bra to the red mesh one and put my vest on top. It was a long journey and I wanted to play… I wanted to play rough!

I went out of the cabin looking for the hottie, I was holding my red mesh bikini bottoms in my hand wrapped into a ball. I examined the place from top to bottom and no sign of the sexy man I had seen, I was starting to wonder if I had imagined it!

I was heading back to the cabin when I saw him leaning against the bar, he was alone drinking a beer. I smiled and instantly got aroused… I could feel the tension building up in my stomach. I approached the seat on his right and asked for a beer, I drank it quickly. i then turned to him and let fall my knickers on his lap. I came close to his ear and whispered sexually, “Cabin number 379, see you in ten”. I turned around and left, I could feel he was eyeing me, horny…

I arrived to the cabin and undressed, five minutes later there were the knocks on the door. I opened and he came in, he saw me undressed lying in bed with my legs open and his eyes opened widely, “wow girl, you do go quick, you must be horny like a bitch! and you look so sexy with that red bra… we´ll see if you get the bottoms back”. ” Shut up and take your clothes off, you haven´t come here to chat have you?”, I ordered. He looked firmly at me and did as he was told, he was about to fuck me when I stopped him and said, “please go down and eat me, suck my sex and make me cum, fuck me hard with your fingers so I can get ready to take all your cock inside me…”.

He came closer to my sex, his hot breath brushing my inner thigh, his thumb circling playfully my clit…

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