Pleasure Party

I had always been considered one of the shyest people among my group of friends, I was the one that was usually left talking to the shy guy of the group of boys that we would meet at a club when going out all the girls together. I just blushed and stared while my friends enjoyed sexy nights with people they met whenever we went out. I felt I wanted to be able to communicate with someone I fancied without turning into a tomato!

By life circumstances I had to move away from my home town to the city and share a house with someone because I couldn´t put up with all the expenses on my own. I had put several ads on newspapers and on the internet to find a flat mate. Many people contacted me on the following days but none of them seemed responsible or had a job, of course I was looking for someone that would stay for long but as well that would fit with my personality. At the end of the day we were going to have to share a house!

I was starting to get desperate because no one seemed the right pick until one morning I received an email from a 26 year old girl called Nancy. She was Swedish and had just arrived to find a job in the city. We decided to meet the next day to have a coffee and see if we “matched”.

Nancy was tall, blonde, blue eyes, big red juicy lips and a very sexy look. Nancy and I fitted perfectly from the first moment, we had many things in common and we both thought we would be able to live together. We then looked for a flat to move in and in a couple of weeks we had set up the apartment and were already enjoying the city life.

I worked from Monday to Friday during day time and Nancy worked nearly everyday but at nighttime, we didn’t see each other much but when we did we liked to gossip for hours with a glass of wine. She would tell me about her new purchases at hustler lingerie online store and about her sexy fucks, I would listen with silence envy of her active sex life wishing someday I would be able to narrate those stories in first person.

It was Tuesday and I had finished work early that day, I had only been in the office until 11am and I had the rest of the day free so I decided to go back home. Usually Nancy would sleep until late so I had time to work a bit on the computer until she woke up and then we could do something together.

When I opened the door… OMG!!!! My eyes opened widely and my mouth followed… Nancy had put up a sexy lingerie party in our living room! There were two more sexy women, also dressed with sexy attires, and a very very sexy and muscled man. Obviously by the look of her face she wasn´t expecting me to arrive so early. “Errrr…. hi, sorry, I´ll go straight to my room, no worries!”, I said. I could feel my cheeks burning but as well I could feel my clit pumping with desire. Nancy was wearing a delicate lace teddy she had bought from hustler lingerie, she had shown me this website in one of our gossip moments and had told me she always bought her sexy lingerie from their online store.

Believe me… that sexy lace teddy was amazing and she looked so sexy and powerful, you couldn´t see a glimpse of shyness on her face but instead she gave off a lust and desire impression that aroused me immediately. Nancy looked at me and said, ” Would you like to join us honey? It´s not that often you finish work this early and by the look on your face I can tell you would like to play for a while…”. I looked at her and imagined what that would end up in… I had always been shy and it was time I took the risk and dare to do different things. ” Do you mind if I borrow a sexy lingerie set from your wardrobe?”, I asked. “Go ahead, get whatever you like”, Nancy answered.

I took out all of the lingerie and all of it came from! Amazing! I had never seen such sophisticated and elegant lingerie with such good quality materials. I had to decide quickly what to wear and went for the pink, two piece set, demi bra and g string. I put it on and looked myself at the mirror… wow! I had never seen myself this sexy and the cloth of the lingerie felt so soft against my skin, I couldn´t believe that the one being reflected on the mirror was me! I got closer and smiled… this was going to be the first day of the rest my new life… I opened the door to the living room and entered wearing the most beautiful and exquisite sexy lingerie set, I was ready to ride!

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