Pinkvibe Lubricants That You Need to Use and Why

When you go ahead and search for personal lubricants, you’d get numerous results and most of them are not even familiar right? Don’t think that you are not trendy or you are out of style, it is just the fact that many lubricants today come in a wide variety and we mean a whole lot of it. Indeed these pinkvibe lubricants are very eye catching and most of us would want to try them all out and that’s very much okay. However, as wise customers, it is still a must that we are all aware of how these personal lubricants work. Sure, you just need to apply them but you also need to know the different types of lubricants. They aren’t just the apply-and-enjoy kind of lubes, they come with special cautionary notes too.

For all those who want to know what they are, here are a simple list to keep in mind when you want to try out different sets, scents and kinds of lubes.

Mastur Lube

When you are alone and you feel like you need some carnal release, what better way to do it than to masturbate? There is nothing wrong with this action and is in fact considered healthy when practiced. Sometimes, you need a little assistance with your lube and the best personal lubricant for the job is the water based lubes. It’s very safe and can easily be cleaned it also has that natural feel.

Since you will be working with your hand or a simple sex toy, water based lubes are preferred. Silicone based lubes should be avoided with silicone sex toys so as to not trigger a reaction can degrade the quality of the toys. Since it is of the same material, it will bond with the toy. So remember silicone toys can’t be mixed with silicon lube.


If you are someone who has tried most of the pinkvibe lubricants available, then it is time to try out things that you haven’t tried before like the warming or cooling lubricants. They are self warming and would trigger the reaction once your flesh touches the lube. It is definitely a great experience too. We all know how warmth and even coldness can increase sexual arousals right? Feel how your flesh starts to warm up and get more excited as you feel the tingle in inside you.

Wild Night

For those who want more, more than the regular pinkvibe lubricants and more of the usual foreplay and sex, go for the wild lubricants that aren’t just for your private parts but for your whole body. Have you heard about the throat relaxing spray? How about that slimy yet edible body paint? From oils to thick lubes, let your imagination run wild and use them as you please, from taking a bath to foreplay to role playing you can use so many types of personal lubricants that will not only keep you aroused but will also give you more.

Back Door Lube

For those who love anal sex, try out those water based or even the anti bacterial based personal lubes which are different in consistency, most of these lubes are thicker that is perfect for your rear entry. Warming and cooling lubes are also best to used here.

Our bodies react with lubricants, may it be thick or watery, we love the feel of that wet aroused sensations from our bodies right? You won’t just have regular sex but mind blowing sex every time as you use these irresistible and addicting pinkvibe lubricants. Just remember to read the label and make sure to try it out first in small amounts especially those warming lubes. Take your time and enjoy that wet and wild night!

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