How to Make Great Sex for Him?

Sex is a short word, but an immense concept. How to make great sex for him? It is an important question for women, and women truly have the talent for making romantic sex! Five R’s for you!

Right Person

Sex without love is empty! Great sex for him comes with your love. Have sex with the right guy you love. What if there is no love? Just make it. Great sex is also a way to enhance and inspire love; it can save a relationship sometime.

Right Place

Try to have sex in a private place where you and your partner will not be interrupted. Add candles and/or dim lights. Choose scented candles if your lover likes a particular scent, put on some sexy music to set the mood, sprinkle a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom; or outside spontaneous intimacy create a new memory too.

Right Dress

Let him know you want to make great sex for him by visual and olfactory stimulation. Be sure you dress a new sexy outfit. Sexy lingerie is not in same style, right? Don’t ask why do men like wives to wear sexy lingerie sets, just wear it. Don’t forget taking a bath before sex and spreading the scent he likes in air, and get rid of distractions.

Right Time

You should understand when it’s the correct moment to engage in sexual activity with him. A lot of acts often take place before conventional sex, kissing and more. Make sure you a wet vagina or he has an erection.

Right Protection

Learn to stay safe against STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and how to avoid other risky sexual behaviors. Make sex safe and fun while protecting your body and your health.

At the end, wish you have a great sex life with your horney!

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