In Your Sexy Fantasy Realm – What Would You Be?

Are you a teacher? How about a bank teller or a sales representative? No matter what your career is, do you still remember your biggest fantasy or dream? While some are lucky to pursue their dream careers, some of us still have that fantasy role that we want to play – that fantasy role that will require sexy pinkvibe costumes and lots of imagination. This is what we all know as sexual fantasies. We all have it and we all want to fulfill it at least once in our lifetime.

You’ve seen the amazing line up of all the costumes for women and you have surely imagined yourself wearing one or two costumes for yourself, so tell us, what is your fantasy role? How about your partner’s fantasy? Pinkvibe costume stores will allow you to live an alternate life for a few hours, giving you the heads up of portraying your fantasy as you allow yourself to indulge in your carnal desires.

Army Navy

If you love the uniform or you have seen yourself as a navy cadet then this is the time to test how well you stand up as an officer and see how a very masculine work can be turned into a very sexy costume for you. Be sexy and command your partner like you are really in a navy exercise, create a fantasy role and scenario and bet you, you will love every minute of it.

Beer Girl

Love beer? How about those gorgeous ladies? Of course your man would love that thought of it so why not make it a reality? We have got to admit, their uniforms are so cute, nice and well – damn sexy so why not? Be that sexy flirtatious beer girl that will serve your man his beer one late night where he’s the only customer… Now you know where this is going right?

Bunny Girl

From magazine covers to bill boards, these sexy bunny girls rock their costume so why can’t you? You’d love the fact there are so many designs of sexy pinkvibe costumes in store for you and depending on your style, you get to express yourself more and allow yourself to be expressive and of course to enjoy.


Love being a dancer? May it be that sexy dancer on stage or that pole dancer that will make you sweat, fulfill your fantasy and allow yourself to be one heck of a sexy dancer. Costumes for women are just your first step in fulfilling this, choose the right music, from pop to seducing to slow and romantic – give in to your fantasy.


This is by far the most favorite of all the choices in Pinkvibe costume stores, it may be the uniform or maybe the way the scenario would keep us sexually excited but none the less, this fantasy is a must try, don’t skip to sex just yet, do the dialogs and you’ll see how it would make your role playing much more enjoyable.


Sinner or saint? You choose, the costumes maybe misleading but it’s one of the most loved costumes when it comes to role playing, it maybe because of our society and the obvious reason for a respectable nun and sexual fantasies contradict that it becomes exciting that we love it more. It’s taboo and that means it will send us brain signals that it’s not right and having sex with a nun is one big sin that it makes it exciting.

You have got to love the versatility of these sexy pinkvibe costumes in imitating the best fantasy role playing costumes and allow us to participate in a very sensual and realistic role playing that will surely make our sex life addicting.