Halloween Romp

I was sharing a house with my best mate Marilyn, we had been friends for many years and apart from sharing a house, we used to share men and women as well. We were both bisexual and enjoyed the friendship we had. We used to go out and hunt for our victims, seduce them and bring them back home. Sometimes it was a man, sometimes two girls… we didn´t mind as long as we enjoyed!

We were both fans of pinkvibe.com and were regular costumers. We found everything we wanted and usually bought the same costumes to put up gigs for the special victims. We had done of nuns, nurses, fetish dominatrixs… Can you imagine the faces they put when they see us both coming out all dressed with erotic costumes? Eyes wide open and mouth to the floor.

A couple of weeks ago we had met a couple at a swingers bar, we chatted for a long time but never got to the sex part. We exchanged telephones and agreed to meet later on that month at their place. This gave Marilyn and I time to seek for something perfect for the occasion at hustler.

So there we were, at our favorite hustler costume shop, looking for something spicy to buy for both. We didn´t really have a clue on what to wear since we hadn´t really agreed on nothing more than the time and location! It could have been a quicker search if hustler didn´t have such a big selection of costumes but… that´s how the hustler costume shop is! Big range variety of every product! If you want costumes, you won´t find another online shop to buy such erotic and sexy attire than hustler! After some time looking Marilyn said, “Look, let´s get whatever we like, we have never disappointed anyone when wearing anything from hustler!”. I looked at her and I exclaimed, “the hell you are right!!”.

The white and red, two piece nurse dress and head piece had arrived just on time for our date on Friday! Thank you hustler! We were both very excited and went straight to the bedroom to get them tried on. Woooow! We looked in the mirror.. Marilyn and I looked stunning and super sexy… the costume was absolutely perfect, we were indeed going to heal some sexy bodies!

We arrived to their modern mansion front door, we were wearing knee coats so they couldn´t see what we were wearing, ringed the bell… Sarah opened the door dressed with a black lace body that let a glimpse of the beautiful body she had underneath… I couldn´t wait to tear it up and savor her sex… We said our hellos and kissed, Sarah led us to the living room were there were set four glasses of wine… “By the way, where´s Henry?”, I asked Sarah. ” He´ll be down in a minute, he was finishing something upstairs…”, she answered with a wicked smile. “Let me see what you are wearing babes, let´s make up a story for when he comes down”, Sarah said. We took off our coats and showed her our nurse sexy costumes from hustler. She was delighted… her face exhaled lust.

She came to where we were standing, stood in the middle, took each one of us a hand and pulled down so that we sat in the sofa. We were now sitting with her in the middle, dressed as nurses and by all of our looks we were horny as hell…It didn´t look as if we were going to have time to make up any story for Henry…!

We drank our glasses of wine, I could feel the heat in my cheeks and the pressure in my clit, I desired to get with Marilyn and Sarah, then Henry could join! I put a hand in her leg, started moving up through the inner part of her leg, Marilyn looked at me and did the same on Sarah´s other leg. We softly pulled her legs apart, Marilyn unbottoned the lace body while I kneeled comfortable between Sarah´s legs… Mmmmmm I had been wanting this from the minute she opened the door… I inhaled her smell, I could sense her arousal and dampness… I looked up and Sarah and Marilyn were kissing while Sarah touched Marylin under the nurse costume. Mmmm… I was so fucking horny, I opened her sex softly and licked pressing my tongue against her clit… She moaned and pressed my head harder against her sex…

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